"Discover a team of young ladies working in the development of artificial intelligence systems "

Welcome to the Rova digital girls in Artificial Intelligence. This is our journey of empowering girls whose interest lies in artificial intelligence as they transition into the Information and Technology industry.

Our Story

The program was officially launched on 22nd January 2021 as under the Rova digital group.Currently the program has 10 girls who have shown interest in various sectors if the Information and technology industry which we refer as tracks.

The program is poised to have 15 girls joining annually at any one time who will be mentored into different roles in the AI space and ultimately to play different key roles in the 4th Industrial revolution space.

About us

The Digital girls in Artificial Intelligence dream is to shape the next generation of women leaders in the digital economy by creating a pool of girls with Artificial Intelligence skills to develop applications that can impact the African Continent. Our aim is to provide the girls with a learning experience in a professional setting through providing a professional setting and mentorship programs


  • Create a specialized team of Girls in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Provide seamless and holistic learning by tapping industry experience from mentors
  • Create a team that can bid and deliver international tech projects.
  • Boost the self-confidence of women in the technology space.


  • To oversee the smooth transition of over a hundred girls as they move from the classroom to the professional space in the technology world.